Q. How do I edit my matrimonial profile?
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Please follow the following steps to edit your matrimonial profile:

  • Login to your Account.
  • Clickedit profile under My Profile to the left of your screen.
  • Edit your personal profile according to the instructions provided and click the 'Submit' button at the end of the form.
Q. Will I be searchable online through Google, Yahoo etc ?
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No. We will show your full name only to registered users of matrimony, and your profile will not be discoverable through search engines by searching your full name.

Q. Marriage Registration Procedures in Tamil Nadu
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In India a marriage certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. To obtain the marriage certificate first you need register your marriage.


Following instructions and procedure will help you to register the Marriage.


Eligibility for Marriage:


Either Bridegroom or Bride can register their marriage.


Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively


Registration of Hindu Marriages Solemnized:


Marriages solemnized under Hindu customs/ non-customary

Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively

Proof of marriage

v  Anyone of the following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer:


ü  Residence of bride.


ü  Residence of bridegroom.


ü  Solemnization place.


Registration of Marriage under Tamilnadu Registration of marriage act:


Marriages solemnized under any personal law can be registered.

Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively

It can be registered within 90 days without fine and within 90-150 days with fine. After that it can’t be registered.

Proof of marriage

The following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer:

ü  Solemnization place.


Granting of extracts of marriages registered under Indian Christian Marriages Act:


Extracts of Indian Christian Marriages Registered under the Indian Christian Act, by the licensee under the act or by Priests are received and the extracts are given in the

O/o the Inspector General of Registration, 100, Santhome High Road, Chennai -28.


Required Information’s for Marriage Registration:


Particulars of Husband / Husband’s Father/Mother and Wife / Wife’s Father/Mother

ü  Full Name


ü  Religion


ü  Caste


ü  Date of Birth


ü  Age


ü  Marital Status before the date of marriage of Husband and wife


ü  Occupation


ü  Permanent Address


ü  Present Address


ü  Passport Number (If available)


Particulars of NRI of both Husband and wife (If any)

Date of Marriage

Place of Marriage

Name and Address of the person who solemnized the Marriage. (If any)

Place, namely the Village, Taluk and District where the marriage was solemnized, with full address.

Particulars of 3 witness


Procedure for Marriage Registration:


Reach you nearest registrar office submit the completed application form with required documents and fees.

Both, husband and wife should be present before registrar (Prior appointment is needed) – Both have to sign the Register in front of the Registrar in the office.

There should be at least 4 people with them to support their marriage and two of them sign for witness

Original Marriage Invitation and at least one photo showing both in wedding dress with garlands, etc.

Note: If you cannot find out the nearest registrar office, go to Ashok Nagar Registrar office (near pillar) to find out where is your nearby registrar office (for Gundy Area). Ashok Nagar Registrar office is the old shopping complex next to Udhayam Theater (near pillar).


Required Documents for Registration:


Marriage Proof

ü  Wedding Invitation (or)


ü  Temple Marriage Receipts (or)


ü  Any proof of marriage solemnization



ü   Employee ID Card (or)


ü   Ration Card (or)


ü   Driving License (or)


ü   Passport or Visa



ü  Birth Certificate (or)


ü  School/College Certificate (or)


ü  Passport / Visa


In addition to the above memorandum in duplicate with 4 passport size photograph for bride and 4 passport size photograph for bridegroom should be submitted.



ü  Id card for minimum two witness to be produced


Fees for Marriage Registration:


For the registration of a Marriage which will be exclusive of any other fees levied by devasthanam for marriages in temples: Rs.100.00

For a certified copy of an entry in Hindu Marriage Register: Rs. 10.00

For making a search

ü  if the entry is of the current: Rs. 10.00


ü  if the entry relates to any previous year or years (for each such year): Rs. 10.00


For Registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the Marriage Registrar to be appropriated by the Marriage Registrar in addition to the fee in entry (i) above: Rs. 50.00

Application fees for registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the marriage Registrar: Rs.200.00


Validity of Marriage Certificate:


Marriage certificate shall be valid forever.


Document to Use:





Processing Time:


You will get your marriage certificate in 4 to 5 days. You have to go back to the registrar office to collect it.

Q. Wedding Planning Check List
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Your wedding Proposal may be taken Place or your Match making has been arranged then it’s time to start planning your wedding. Here we give you a check List to plan your wedding and this will be your ultimate partner in ensuring a grand and well organized wedding.


The sheer number items alone to prepare for a wedding event may make you feel worried or uncomfortable and cause you to have thoughts that you may lose control over the state of your own wedding. Even before you begin, you may already think of the unimaginable and fear the shame that may arise from a badly organized event. Fear not as our wedding planning check list will assist you in all our wedding preparations and help you to make your marriage a grand success.


More than 12 Months before wedding


Choose a special Date to tie the Knot.

Appoint a specialist wedding planner.

Decide the number of guest, location and time of day for the wedding.

Determine wedding budget and how the expenses will be divided between Groom and Bride.

Determine how your wedding Itinerary would look like?

Organize a system to track payments made and the party who made payments.

Create and consolidate a guest list from both bride and groom side.

Determine unavoidable factors which may impact your chosen wedding date (e.g. Weather. Elections etc).

Reserve wedding ceremony Site.

Reserve wedding reception site.

Reserve wedding Photographer.

Reserve wedding Videographer.

Decide on the matrimonial theme and colour.

Order or renew passport & Visa for honeymoon.


Between 6 to 12 Months before wedding


Reserve your Marriage efficient (Iyer, priest, Minister etc).

Reserve wedding ceremony Musicians.

Reserve wedding decorator/ florist.

Reserve wedding caterer.

Reween 4 to 6 Months before wedding.serve  wedding reception entertainers / musicians / DJ

Decide who will be your bridesmaids and best men.

Decide who will be the master of ceremony.


v  Bet


Reserve rental items needed for the wedding ceremony.

Reserve Make-up artist, Hair stylist and Costume stylist.

Reserve bridal night suite.

Finalize guest list and obtain invitation mail addresses.

Decide and purchase wedding card invitations, include map of the site for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Create online invitations.

Prepare a list of wedding helpers (Gift attendant, reception stage co-ordinator, food & beverage co-ordinator etc.) and their responsibilities.

Begin planning for the honeymoon.


v  Between 2 to 4 months before wedding.


Reserve wedding Transport including decoration for the wedding car and wedding party entourage.

Purchase wedding attire for bride and groom.

Purchase wedding attire for bridesmaid, Parents, Brothers, Sisters and Relatives.

Decide and purchase party favours, wedding door gifts and gifts for the wedding helpers.

Plan activities for our of town guests both before and after wedding.

Consider bleaching or cleaning your teeth.


v  Between 6 to 8 weeks before wedding.


Mail wedding invitations or E-mail e-invites.

Keep track of all invitations. Same list can be used to track gifts received and send thank you notes.

Rent or purchase Bridal accessories.

Purchase bridal shoes.

Purchase jewellery (Thali, Wedding Rings etc.) and arrange for engravings.

Consider and arrange for security escort for the bride party who will wear heavy jewellery.

Finalize your food and drinks menu with caterer.

Arrange for a bridal portrait or pre-wedding shoot to be taken.


Between 2 to 6 weeks before wedding.


Confirm wedding ceremony details and what to bring with marriage efficient.

Contact guests who have not responded and finalize seating arrangements.

Create a detail time line of the wedding ceremony & reception.

Provide your photographer list of special photos you would like taken.

Provide your Videographer a list of special people or events you want included in the video.

Provide your DJ the song list you would like played at your event.

Prepare wedding site road guide boards, guestbook and gift containers.

Prepare and decorate your home.


One week before wedding


Arrange final dress fittings to ensure your attire is ready and perfect.

Select your wedding transport drivers.

Review your wedding itinerary.

Provide the layout of your wedding reception to your caterer and reception manager.

Provide the final count of guests to your caterer and reception manager.

Communicate last minute changes to your service providers.

Confirm honeymoon accommodation and reservations and pack for your honeymoon.

Familiarize yourself with each other’s guest lists.


The day before your wedding day


Review this checklist and list down all items to be brought for the wedding.

Arrange for a trustworthy person to help you pay the service providers on the wedding day.

Arrange for someone to return rental items after the wedding.

Arrange for someone to place wedding site road guide boards at strategic junctions.

Arrange for someone to coordinate reception food and beverage layout and receipt with caterer on wedding day.

Arrange for someone to coordinate reception site and stage-to manage emcee, DJ, entertainers, site lighting etc.

Provide all members of the wedding party details of wedding day timelines.

Provide all service providers details of wedding day timelines.

Review ceremony seating with ushers.


The Wedding Day


Review this checklist and list down all items to be brought for the wedding.

Bring the official wedding rings and/or Thali.

Relax and enjoy your wedding day.


Although our wedding planning checklist was formulated based on a minimum one year preparation period, you can use this checklist for a shorter or longer wedding preparation durations with some smart modifications of the checklist.


We wish you a Happy Wedding ceremony.

Q. Bridal Makeup Tips
Answer is.

Want to look like the perfect bride on your special day? Here are a few make-up tips to keep in mind.

Tip 1: Opt for the smokey eye look. Move away from the traditional doe-eyed make-up and opt for something bolder by donning smokey eyes. This look suits the Indian skin tone and pairs with all kinds of outfits. You can opt for bronze tones if you do not want to apply black eyeshadow. 


Tip 2: KISS i.e. keep it simple, stupid! We know it is your wedding, but you don’t have to go overboard and use every cosmetic in your make-up kit. The trick to looking good is to enhance your features and hide your flaws and use make-up to do so. Ask your make-up artist to take a look at your outfit and decide on a look accordingly.


Tip 3: Style your hair according to your face. You don’t always have to opt for a bun. You can let your hair down or have a half up-do depending on the shape of your face. People who have an oval face can practically opt for any hairstyle, but those who want to hide their chubby cheeks can try leaving their hair open to camouflage it. 


Tip 4: Don’t forget your hands and feet. With your face hogging all the limelight, getting a mani-pedi may slip your mind. But be sure to book an appointment a few days prior to the event and choose a nail colour which complements your outfit and overall look.


Tip 5: Plan in advance. Once you decide what you are wearing, fix an appointment with your make-up and hair expert to try different looks which will suit you. This will save you from any surprises on the D-Day and also prevent last minute changes in your look.

Q. Wedding E cards
Q. Photos and Video
Q. Tips to find the Right Partner
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Finding the Right person, you want to marry or commit to forever is serious business, and it demands a lot of forethought, responsibility, and honesty. But once you’ve found that special person, all of your hard work will be worth it and you can get ready for a lifetime of happiness. There are few tips to help you better to get succeed in your Life Partner search.


Ways to choose:


  • Adjust your mindset and Love Yourself
  • Be Happy being alone and analyse yourself.
  • Don’t settle with others decision.
  • Make a list for qualities you want in your spouse like Religion, Family Values, Attitude toward relationships, Personality, Social Bearing, Interests, Habitat.
  • Consider the qualities you don’t want in your spouse like lack of attraction and lack of agreement on something that really matters to you.
  • Get ready to compromise on some things.
  • Be Honest.
  • Have genuine conversation to know your partner better.
  • Know well their good and bad.
  • Search partner in the Right places like among friends group or relations so that you can know more about your partner.
  • Find someone who shares your interests.
  • Find someone at work place.
  • Find the person in matrimony Portals who matches with your expectations.
  • Make sure you are compatible.
  • Take time to decide.
  • Make sure its mutual.
  • Make sure you can be yourself.


           If you’ve really found your spouse, then you should be able to imagine being with that person for the rest of your life. If you really cannot imagine the rest of your life without that person, then congratulations – you have found the right partner or spouse.


Have a Happy life!!!


Q. Marriage webtv Live
Q. Hindu Nadar Wedding Rituals
Answer is.

Initiating the marriage proposal & Kainanappu

Marriage alliances are usually initiated through brokers or relatives. The groom’s side is generally expected to initiate the proposal. Horoscopes are matched and other details about the bride and groom are exchanged. The bride is `seen’ formally by the groom and his parents at a ceremony called ‘Kainanappu’.


Once both sides are mutually satisfied with the match, the engagement ceremony or Nitchayadaartham takes place. This is the confirmation of marriage The groom’s side brings the bride a sari and other auspicious gifts that include betel leaves, coconut, turmeric, fruits, flowers, sugar cubes and so on. 

Maapilai Azhaippu

The marriage follows the pattern of other Hindu weddings. The bridegroom’s party comes in a ceremonial procession and is received by the bride’s brother who garlands him. This is called the Maapillai Azhaippu, in smaller villages and towns, the groom is received with a band who play the nadaswaram and other Indian musical instruments. 
Nadar Kalyanam

The kalyanam or marriage was traditionally held at the bride’s home or at a Murugan temple but nowadays, kalyana mandapams are used. 

The Kanyadaanam refers to the custom of the bride’s father giving her away as a gift to the groom. The bride is brought to the mandap bedecked in all her bridal finery. She usually wears plenty of gold jewellery and a rich silk sari. The bride’s father places her right hand over the right hand of the groom. After this, holy water is poured on the palms of the couple while the priest recites Vedic hymns.


The couple exchange garlands. The highlight of the wedding ceremony is the ‘Thalikettu’ where the groom ties the thali around the bride’s neck. Prior to this, the thali is taken around in a plate and blessings of elders and relatives is sought. The wedding is followed by a sumptuous vegetarian wedding feast. 

Q. Christian Nadar Wedding Rituals
Answer is.

Initiating the marriage proposal

Christian marriage proposals are initiated by relative or friends, paper ads or matrimonial sites. Once both sides are satisfied with the credentials, the bridegroom’s family formally sees the bride. If they are happy, the date for engagement is fixed. 


The engagement ceremony is held at the bride’s house and conducted by the pastor. The bridegroom comes to the bride’s house bringing her an engagement sari along with other gifts like flowers, betel nuts, rock sugar, turmeric and so on. The close relatives of the bride and bridegroom attend the engagement. The bride changes into the sari gifted to her. Then the pastor prays for the couple and rings and Bibles are exchanged. The engagement is then confirmed. 

The Wedding 

The bridegroom visits the bride’s house on the day of the wedding and is welcomed by the bride’s family. The bride’s father garlands the bridegroom and gifts a gold chain. The bridegroom then gifts the bride her wedding attire and other auspicious items like fruits, flowers, betel nuts, rock sugar, turmeric and so on. These are brought to the house by womenfolk from the bridegroom’s side on large trays or tamboolams. 
Christian Nadar weddings take place in the church, mostly during evenings.

The bride is dressed in a white silk sari with gold zari or white gown while the bridegroom wears a formal suit. The bride’s face is covered by a white veil that trails till the ground and is carried by flower girls, small girls, dressed in pretty dresses with lace. Nadar Christian brides take pride in gold jewellery and wear a lot of it. 

The bridegroom enters the church first with his Best Man and waits at his seat for the bride. The bride enters escorted by her father and then the wedding ceremony begins. Later, the bridesmaid, a young unmarried woman usually a relative stands near the bride. 

Giving away the bride

The bride’s father gives away the bride to the groom by placing her hand in his. If the bride does not have a father, her uncle gives her away, 
Exchanging wedding vows 
The highlight of the ceremony is the exchange of wedding vows. The bride and groom promise to love each other till the end of their lives no matter what. They promise to stay together through sickness and health, riches and poverty and stay faithful to each other. This is a very solemn ceremony.

Tying the thali The tying of the thali is an important part of the wedding ceremony.. The thali is a gold chain with a pendant usually a plain cross or a cross with some other design, sometimes the traditional family design is used. The thali is blessed by the priest and elders in the family and the groom ties it around the bride’s neck. Once the thali is tied, the veil is pushed away from the face. Gold rings are also exchanged. After this, the bride and the groom sign the marriage register. 

Wedding Reception 

The wedding is followed by a reception usually held in the church compound or at a hotel. A Toast is proposed where the toastmaster introduces both the families. Some light music is played as guests give away the gifts to the couple. The popular menu is mutton biryani with raitha, brinjal curry, sweets and ice-cream. Vegetarians have a separate full-fledged South Indian meal.

Answer is.

Marriages are made in heaven but have to be nurtured on earth. Like a beautiful garden, marriage too needs to be watered and nurtured for the flowers of happiness to bloom. Here are a few secrets that happy spouses around the world know and practise. Use them to enhance your marriage too.

Accept your spouse for what he or she is. Each person is an individual with unique qualities, likes and dislikes. Do not attempt to transform your spouse into what your idea of an ideal mate is. This can create friction in your marriage and leave your spouse hurt that you don't care for his or her feelings.

Love is the most important ingredient in any marriage. Be creative in expressing your love to your spouse. Surprise your spouse by taking him or her out to a special candle-lit dinner. Write love notes and slip it into your spouse's wallet or handbag so he or she can find them.

Romance is an important ingredient in any marriage and so is caring for your spouse. Looking after your spouse's needs is important. It could be as simple as picking out attire from your spouse's wardrobe for him or her to wear or cooking your spouse's favourite dish.

Marriage is all about commitment. In today's world where men and women have plenty of opportunities to mix, it is easy to get into an extra-marital affair. This apart, the internet offers many avenues for cyber affairs that could later turn into real affairs. To keep your marriage happy, resist the temptation to have a fling or extra-marital affair.

In the Indian context, the family plays an important role in helping a couple resolve any conflicts. Build a warm relationship with your spouse's parents and relatives. In times of trouble, they could bring a mature perspective to the scene.

Give & Take
Each of us has our own individual set of values, interests and habits. Living happily with another person calls for a bit of compromise. This give-and-take is what keeps couples together.

Don't Play The Blame Game
When things go wrong, don't blame your spouse. Instead try to see what can be done to sort out the problem. This will go a long way in strengthening your marital bond.

Incorporate these thoughts into your marriage and watch it brim with happiness.